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The procedure of preparing documents and conducting diploma defense  at the Opole University of Technology. 

  1. The deadline for submitting diploma theses:
    FIRST AND SECOND DEGREE FULL - TIMES STUDIES: all fields of study – 16th February 2020.
  2. Software requirements and formal submission of the thesis:
    1. The thesis should be submitted in 1 copy to the Student Service Center at least one week before planned date of the diploma exam. If the Promoter and Reviewer require printed copy of the thesis, the student submits printed copy directly to the Promoter and the Reviewer (printed version is not submitted to the Student Service Center). The reviews are filled in directly through the Archives of Diploma Theses (APD) application by the Promoter and Reviewer. After printing the review and signing it, the Promoter and Reviewer forward it directly to the defense. In APD student after logging in at (password and login the same as to USOSWeb) introduces a summary of diploma thesis, keywords in Polish and English and thesis in PDF format, up to three parts, the size of each part must be less than 15 MB to be checked in the uniform anti-plagiarism program.
    2. The thesis should be covered in the so-called soft thermal cover, obligatory in the form of two-sided or double-sided photocopies. The copy of diploma thesis should be accompanied with the complete electronic version recorded on a CD-R / RW or DVD type carrier placed in paper or foil packaging, in PDF format (diploma thesis in the form of a single file containing all pages, appropriately described: name and surname of the author of the thesis, the field of study, the specialty (regarding the II degree studies), the name of the Promoter, the master thesis / engineer / bachelor's thesis, the topic of work in Polish and English. If the thesis is an effect of a team work, i.e. it was made by more than one student, each contractors are required to submit this type of thesis to the student files;
    3. The diploma thesis should be signed by the Promoter, which is the Promoter's consent to accept the thesis and its positive evaluation;

Important: failure to comply with the above requirements may result in the being not admitted to diploma examination; 

Documents required for the documentation of the course of study:

  1. Assessment list (list of grades) printed from the USOSWeb application, checked and signed by the student,
  2. A summary of diploma thesis. A student who has already filled in the summary of diploma thesis does not have to fill in it for a second time;
  3. A statement on the independent completion of the diploma thesis and on the compliance of the paper version with its electronic version is submitted by the student (the statement should be attached to thesis )
  4. An additional information for the supplement should be completed (including program and extracurricular practices), printed and recorded on the same medium as the diploma thesis as a separate file of the type .doc or .docx.
  5. An application to issue a copy of diploma and supplement in English ATTENTION: All forms are available at tab FORMS.

In regard to functioning of Education Quality Assurance System at the Opole University of Technology we would like to ask you to fill in the graduate questionnaire. The questionnaire is anonymous and it will help to improve education and study conditions. 

The condition for admission to the diploma examination is to fulfill formal and program requirements, in particular:

  1. completion of all semesters of studies;
  2. completion of the thesis by the Promoter after submitting a positive anti-plagiarism report by the faculty operator;
  3. completing in the Archives of Diplomas (APD) required gaps related to the diploma thesis and uploading the diploma thesis in PDF format in a maximum of three parts, the size of each part must be below 15 MB. Instructions for using APD are available before logging into the APD at Access to APD – the same as to USOSWeb;
  4. a positive evaluation of the diploma thesis issued by the Promoter and Reviewer;
  5. an opinion (review) of the diploma thesis submitted by the Promoter and Reviewer;
  6. a positive anti-plagiarism report submitted by the faculty operator
  7. payment for the diploma (PLN 60) – made to the individual bank account (administrative fee)
  8. if an application has been made, fee for a copy of the diploma in English (PLN 40) - payable to an individual bank account (administrative fee)


  1. The diploma exam takes place in accordance with the Rector of the Opole University of Technology Ordinance No. 32/2019, regarding the diploma defense schedule
  2. The diploma exam is an oral exam and takes place in front of the committee appointed by the Dean.
  3. The diploma exam consists of:
    • defense of the diploma thesis,
    • final examination;
  4. During the diploma exam, the student presents the diploma thesis (up to 10 minutes), answers questions on diploma thesis (defense of the work), and then submits the final exam during which he/she receives at least three exam questions from a given field of study;
  5. The evaluation of defense of the diploma thesis is determined taking into account both the presentation of work achievements and the answers;
  6. The condition for passing the final exam is to obtain a positive grade from most of the answers to the questions asked;
  7. The condition for passing the diploma examination is to obtain a positive grade from the defense of the thesis and the final examination;
  8. In the event of obtaining a positive grade from the defense of the thesis and the negative grade from the final examination, the student shall repeat only the final exam in the next semester;
  9. The graduation takes place on the day of passing the diploma examination.
  10. An additional diploma with distinction is awarded to graduates who meet the following conditions jointly:
    • have completed their studies within the period specified in the study plan;
    • have achieved an average grade of at least 4.60 from the course of study;
    • obtained from the diploma thesis grade and the diploma examination 5,0 grade (average 5,0).

ATTENTION: A student who receives permission to extend the deadline for submitting a diploma thesis by 3 months does not meet the condition for receiving a diploma with distinction.

The rigors:

  1. in the event of failure to pass the diploma examination or inability to take the examination on the planned date, the dean shall appoint the second date of the examination as final. The second examination may not take place earlier than within one month and no later than three months after the date of the first examination;
  2. if the student will justify absence on the examination date, the dean shall appoint a new date of the examination, treated as the first (excuse for absence on the diploma examination should be submitted to the dean within three working days from the date of examination);
  3. at the student's request, positively assessed by the thesis Promoter, the dean may extend the deadline for its submission, however, not longer than by 3 months.
  4. a student who does not submit the diploma thesis by the specified deadline is removed from the list of students.

The graduate should settle all obligations towards the University documented by means of a circulation card in electronic form in the USOSweb system no later than on the day of receiving the diploma.